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Chlorinated Rubber Paint (CR)

Roadex Chlorinated Rubber base paint is manufactured on AASHTO Standard M-248-90. Its formulation is based on high quality CR resin which gives it durability and longer life. Roadex CR is a fast drying paint and is suitable for both Concrete and Asphalt surface. Due to its special composition it can retain more drop on glass beads hence give better night visibility than alkyd base road paint.
Technical Data
Vehicle (Resin system & solvents) 54-58%
Pigment (100%) TiO/lead chromate 20-24%
Viscosity (Ford cup 4 at 25 CO) 100 SEC
Specific gravity 1.30±3
Flash point 25°c
Colour White, Yellow, Black
Adhesion Asphalt and concrete
Touch dry 10 to 15 minutes
Traffic dry 2 to 3 hours
Mixing Ratio Not Applicable
Coverage 2.2 to 2.5sq M/Ltr (100-75 Microns DFT)
Application methods Spray, Brush or Roller
Application Method

» Roadex CR paint is required to be used on a clean road, which should be completely dry, free from dust, mud, loose earth, sand and oil etc.
» The paint offers excellent binding to Glass Beads (Ballatoni), which should be sprayed at the rate of 160-200 gm/ sq mtr (400-500gm/ lit).
» Roadex CR paint can easily be applied with brush, roller and machines. How ever for better results application through machine is recommended. One coat at the rate of 2.5 lit/ sq m is normally enough to give the DFT of 100µ.
» Thinning ratio should not exceed 5% by volume with Roadex CR Thinner.

Storage & Packaging

» Available in 20 Ltr drum Pack.
» Store in dry and shaded place and avoid direct sun light.
» For better handling and avoid accident kindly read Material Safety Data Sheet.


» Avoid contact with skin, eyes, or inhalation while handling material.
» Use protective clothing, Gloves, Masks, Goggles etc